Thorn Apple or Jimsonweed: When Happens When You Use It

thorn apple, poison, poisonous
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Did you know that thorn apple or jimsonweed can be found growing in nearly every state in the United States? But does this plant ever sounds familiar to you? Well if not, don’t worry as we are going to know more about this plant along with its medicinal benefits.

What is Thorn Apple or Jimsonweed?

thorn apple, poison, poisonous

The Thorn Apple is a relatively small shrub that can grow up to a height of 1.5 meters. The leaves are oval in shape and have a few teeth on each margin. 

The huge bess-shaped flowers bloom singly and might be white or nearly purple in color. 

The fruit is spherical, green, and coated in small spines all over its surface. The seeds are abundant, almost completely smooth, and have a light brown color. 

The majority of its growth occurs on abandoned land.

3 Medicinal Uses of Thorn Apple:

1. For the treatment of piles

The leaves of this plant, once they have been cooked and mixed with either water or coconut oil, can be applied topically to treat piles.

2. Used to reduce swelling and pain associated with rheumatic conditions

Pain associated with rheumatism can be alleviated by using crushed leaves topically, which can also be used to treat swelling.

3. Disorders of the eyes and earaches

Earaches can be alleviated by the juice extracted from the leaves. The extract is helpful for treating eye conditions.

The parts that are used are the leaves. Use only externally.


This plant is quite hazardous. When used orally, it might lead to hallucinations, sleepiness, and a general weakening of the body. If it is used at all, it should only be done so under the guidance of a doctor.

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only.

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