12 Amazing Medicinal Uses of Bananas

How to use banana as a medicinal plant - medicinal uses of bananas
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Banana is undeniably the most popular fruit in the US.  It is a natural product that is the main source to provide for human health for thousands of years. Today, the majority of medicines are derived directly or indirectly from natural sources. Do you know the medicinal uses of bananas?

yellow bananas - medicinal uses of bananasBanana is a great source of nutrition and a well-balanced diet for people of all ages all over the world. And it also contributes to individual income through crop production, processing, and marketing. Bananas can be eaten in a variety of ways and have a variety of nutritional and medicinal benefits.

All parts of the banana plant have medicinal uses, how to use it? Let’s start!

Banana’s Medicinal Uses

1. When mixed with a small amount of pure honey, the juice extracted from the root is used as a tonic for liver congestion and to avoid or treat scurvy. It is used to treat inflamed urethral and vaginal mucous membranes. Often used to treat glandular disorder.

2. For venereal disease, anemia, and blood disorders, a cold infusion of the root is recommended. In diarrhea, the same infusion is given as in anemia.

3. Ulcers may be treated with the ash or stem of a banana plant.

4. In cholera, the plant’s juice is used to quench thirst. Nervous disorders, hysteria, diarrhea, jaundice, and dysentery are all handled with the same juice. It’s a treatment for opium overdose. It’s also used to check for bleeding in wounds and cuts.

5. The plant’s beating heart (pith) is used as a poultice to treat ulcers and burns.

6. A plant is rooted out when it reaches around 1 meter in height, and the whole plant is baked in the oven. To treat asthma, the juice is squeezed and mixed with pure honey. One cupful per day is recommended.

7. The juice is extracted from the trunk by crushing the chopped plant for tuberculosis therapy. It must be strained and consumed in five small cups a day. It is also recommended. It must be strained and consumed in five small cups a day. It can also be used to treat inflamed kidneys and hair loss. It’s perfect for piles in compresses.

8. The green leaves can be used to treat inflamed eyes and other eye conditions. The leaves, which are coated in a bland oil, have been applied to wounds and ulcers. The young leaves are prescribed as a headache treatment. The leaves are rubbed over blisters or inflamed surfaces.

9. Flower juice is used to treat menstrual problems. In the case of diabetes, cooked flowers are consumed. The flower’s sap is used to treat earaches.

10. For people with diabetes and blood spitting, unripe bananas are a healthy addition to their diet. The green banana, in the form of dried powder, is used to treat diarrhea. It also protects against scurvy. This powder is effective for indigestion, flatulence, and the accumulation of acid in the body.

11. Scurvy is avoided or cured by eating ripe fruit, which also soothes and protects the digestive tract, relieves inflammation, stimulates urine flow, and serves as a gentle laxative. It’s eaten to help with sore throats, chest pain, and coughing. The ripe fruit is a laxative when consumed alone. It’s also used to combat bladder irritability.

12. In the case of anemia, the banana is a special food that can help with fatigue and general weakness. Using 2 bananas on the first day, 3 bananas on the second day, 4 bananas on the third day, 5 bananas on the fourth day, and so on until you reach a total of 2 bananas every day. The ripe banana is effective in treating inflamed colon and rectum disease.

Parts to used:

The whole banana plant is the part that can be used. Each part of the banana has its own medicinal uses and health benefits.


Normal Dosage For:

Adults: 4 or 5 cups a day


Aged 10 – 15 years: 3 to 4 cups a day.

Aged 6 to 9 years: 2 cups a day.

Aged 2 to 5 years: 1 cup a day.

1 to 2 years: ½ cup a day

Below 1 year: ¼ or less cup a day.

Final Thoughts

The banana plant and its different parts are eaten all over the world and are used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Bananas can help with some emotional and physical sicknesses. Bananas have many advantages. They’re a great source of protein, a great staple food for a healing diet, and they have a variety of therapeutic uses that can help you recover at home.

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Did we mention all the Banana’s medicinal uses? If not, let us know in the comments below!

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