What You Don’t Know About Queen Carpe Myrtle

queen carpe myrtle, Lagerstroemia
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Queen Carpe Myrtle, a striking tree, which is also known as the “Pride of India” due to the clusters of countless magenta blooms that it bears, is in fact known as Lagerstroemia.

It never fails to draw the attention of people of all ages, who cannot help but pause for a few seconds to contemplate the majesty and glory of the flawless creation that God has made.

The Queen Carpe Myrtle tree can reach a height of approximately 10 meters and produces a number of branches that have leaves that are oval and regular in shape. The seeds have a light brown color and are contained in a huge capsule that makes up the fruit.

What are the medicinal uses of Queen Carpe Myrtle?

1. Stimulates the flow of urine. It is also good for diabetics.

The decoction made from the tree and the leaves of the plant stimulates the flow of urine. Diabetics are another group that could benefit from the same concoction.

2. Fever is lowered or completely eliminated and helps treat diarrhea.

The powder from the bark is made into an infusion and used to treat or prevent diarrhea as well as lower or eliminate fever.

3. Put a curse on the mouth sores that are little.

The fruit can be utilized to treat a minor ulcer that has developed in the mouth.

4. To cleanse the system.

The Queen Carpe Myrtle bark, leaves, and flowers are all provided a purgative that acts similarly to a laxative in that it encourages the emptying of the intestines.

Parts used:

The barks, the blooms, and the fruits of the tree.

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