What You Never About Clitoria?

clitoria, clitoria's medicina uses
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The stems of the climbing vine known as Clitoria ternatea are quite thin. The five to seven leaflets are elongated and elliptic in shape.

The clitoria blossoms might be deep blue or white, and they stand alone. The length of the many-seeded pods ranges from 5 to 10 centimeters.

What are clitoria’s medicinal uses?

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1. It is used to bring down a fever.

2. In order to lessen the size of the glands that form around the ears and are often linked to earaches.

3. Contributes to the healing of ulcers.

4. Stimulates the production of more pee.

5. Calms and shields the digestive tract from irritation while also reducing inflammation.

6. Provides mild stimulation of bowel movement.

7. To alleviate the discomfort caused by gonorrhea, which affects both the bladder and the urethra.

8. It relieves the cramping pains in the stomach and the swelling of the organs in the abdomen.

How to use it as medicine?

clitoria ternatea The PlantTube

In order to bring down a fever, a mixture of the juice of green ginger should be administered to various places of the body.

In cases of earache, the warm leaf juice that has been combined with salt is applied to the inflamed glands around the ear.

An infusion of the leaves is often recommended for use as a wash for ulcers.

In addition to promoting the flow of urine, soothing and protecting the digestive tract, and reducing inflammation, the bark of the root can be used. In addition to this, it has a mild laxative effect on the body.

In cases of gonorrhea as well as irritation of the bladder and urethra, an infusion made from the powder of the dry root is typically administered.

To treat youngsters who suffer from cramping pains in the stomach as well as an expansion of the abdominal organs, the seeds are roasted and ground into a powder before being administered.

Parts Used:

Roots, bark, leaves, and seeds from the clitoria are the parts that are used.

Clitoria root powder, one to two granules per liter of water is the recommended dosage. Roasted seed, with youngsters receiving 4 grams and adults receiving between 2 and 4 grams for belly expansion. Leaves are to be utilized in an appropriate quantity.

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